Iran and China agree on nuclear power plant construction and oil supplies

Moscow. January 24. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and Chinese President XI Jinping Tuesday held a meeting in Tehran signed 17 bilateral agreements, including on construction of two nuclear power plants in the South of Iran and long-term delivery of Iranian oil to China, according to Deutsche Welle.

Rouhani described the meeting as “the beginning of a new era” in relations between the two countries.

In total, the agreements for 10 years to ensure an increase in trade turnover between the countries up to $600 billion, says Iranian newspaper the Tehran Times.

The Iranian President said that along with economic cooperation Tehran and Beijing also plan to strengthen political partnership – in particular, for the purpose of combating terrorism in the region. The Chairman of the PRC, in turn, described the talks as successful. He noted that cooperation at the political level will be held with the participation of international organizations and will serve to maintain peace in the region. In addition, XI Jinping on Saturday met with the spiritual leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

China for many years, remains the leading trading partner of Iran, in particular, the largest buyer of Iranian oil. In 2014 the trade turnover between the countries amounted to about $52 billion in 2015, it fell slightly against the background of falling oil prices.

The Chinese President became the first head of state to visit Iran after Tehran were lifted international sanctions. The international atomic energy Agency (IAEA) on 16 January announced that Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the agreement on the nuclear program, after which the EU and US suspended sanctions against Iran. Later Japan announced the lifting of the sanctions on Tehran.

According to the Agency Xinhua, China and Iran switched to a new stage of relations – a full-scale strategic partnership. Arrangements in some areas provide for cooperation in the next 25 years.