Iran buys up to 127 Airbus aircraft

Moscow. On 25 January. Iran intends to modernize the civil air fleet and plans to buy up to 127 aircraft by the European aircraft company Airbus, according to Deutsche Welle.

The contract for the supply of machines may be signed in January. The Iranian side expects to receive the aircraft between 2016 and 2022, said Deputy Minister of transport and urban development of the country Fahriye Asghar Kashan.

Tehran is interested in buying 16 aircraft, the A350, designed for long distance flights, as well as other models – the A320, A330, A340. According to him, Iran is also ready to order the 8’s biggest aircraft A380.

The country’s leadership also is considering the acquisition of 100 aircraft of the American company Boeing.

Previously imposed U.S. trade sanctions against Iran remain in force, however, the Boeing Corporation can apply for a special exception to the rule. At the same time the representative of the American aviation concern stated that until a decision on the sale of aircraft to Iran will have to overcome many stages, reports the BBC.

Transport Minister of Iran Abbas Akhundi stated that the Airbus deal will be signed Monday during the visit of President Hassan Rouhani in Paris, write to Iranian media.

According to representatives of Western countries and Tehran, in the coming decade, Iran will need at least 400 aircraft to update the fleet of the country. The average age of Iran’s civil aircraft is approximately 27 years.

European authorities have banned all Iranian aircraft in addition to 12 aircraft to use the airspace of EU countries due to the harmonization of international safety standards in civil aviation.

On the Iran Air website contains the information that its fleet consists of 43 aircraft. Iran Air has the compartment for cargo and low-cost subsidiary airline.

Fundi previously said that out of a total of 250 aircraft only 150 able to rise into the air. According to him, Iran will need at least 400 aircraft medium and long range, and 100 aircraft to service shorter routes. The Minister expressed the hope that the new European aircraft brand Airbus will start to arrive in the country at the end of March.