KAMAZ has resumed production after a corporate holiday

Moscow. On 25 January. INTERFAX.RU PJSC “KAMAZ” resumed work after the Christmas holidays and corporate holidays, the company said.

The first part of the corporate annual paid leave in 2016 fell on 11-24 January.

In the last week of January, the company will operate as a conventional 5-day regime, cancelled part of a week with 3 working days.

The second part of the corporate holiday is scheduled for August 8-21.

The practice of corporate vacations at KAMAZ was established in 2010, the only exception was 2012. KAMAZ noted that one common is preferable to leave the many fragmented from the point of view of the production process, and also conserves resources: electricity, gas, water. Vacation affects the bulk of the personnel, this period continue unit responsible for the sales of vehicles and service, engaged in repair and modernization of equipment. For them there is their vacation schedule.

The business plan of KAMAZ for 2016 provides for the sale of 32 thousand cars, from them 25 thousand will be implemented on the Russian market, 7 thousand – in the markets of foreign countries.

KAMAZ is the largest Russian manufacturer of trucks. Legal entity control 98,34% of the share capital of the company, among them – the Corporation “rosteh” (49,9%), Avtoinvest Limited Cyprus and Decodelement Services Limited (20,81% and 2,73%, respectively, own shares in the interests of the former owners of investment company “Troika Dialog” and the company’s CEO Sergey Kogogin), Daimler AG (15%), the American KAMAZ International Management (4,25%), open company “Financial leasing company “KAMAZ” (3.72 per cent).