Kommersant learned about the plans of Turkey to impose sanctions against the Russian metallurgists

Moscow. On 25 January. Turkey is ready to respond to Russian sanctions its own restrictive measures, said on Monday “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, talking about the adoption of anti-dumping duties to 13,66% for Russian metallurgists, significantly higher than calculations, which were submitted back in August, that is before the incident with the Russian bombers in the Syrian sky and the subsequent cooling in relations between Turkey and Russia.

The Ministry of economy of Turkey on Friday 22 January published the final results of the antidumping investigation on imports of hot rolled coils in the country, according to which the Russian metallurgists have received the margin of dumping to 13,66%.

Also the margin of dumping established steelmakers from China, Slovakia and Japan. Based on the report in February should be made the decision on the amount of anti-dumping duties for exporters, which, as a rule, fully consistent with the size of the calculated dumping margin.

According to “Kommersant” with reference to the opinion of the sources, an anti-dumping investigation, probably came down to politics, as cheap Ukrainian imports from it was completely ruled out.

The Ministry of economy of Turkey averaged dumping margin CMI level 13,66%, NLMK — 9,42%, “Severstal” — is 12.43%.

Russian supplies cover 19.2% of the total import of hot rolled coils to Turkey, the Ministry indicates that their share significantly more imports from other countries: delivery from China takes a mere 4.3% of imports from Slovakia amounted to 5.5%.