Lavrov: Moscow is open to joint large-scale projects in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Lavrov: Moscow is open to joint large-scale projects in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, January 25. Russia is open to joint large-scale projects in the Arctic zone, including those associated with developing oil and gas fields. This is stated in the article of Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for a special edition of Shared Voices magazine, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Arctic Council.

“Opened together to implement large-scale projects in the region, including in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, – he said. – Speech, in particular, on the development of oil and gas fields, about using the Northern sea route as the shortest route for the transit of goods between Europe and Asia, the development of industrial, transport and tourist infrastructure”.

The Minister stressed that the Russian Federation has consistently come from the fact that “the economic development of the Arctic region should evolve to meet the strictest environmental requirements, with respect to living in the region, traditional lifestyle of indigenous peoples”.

“We note with satisfaction that the first important steps in this direction have already been made, – said Lavrov. – Agreement in the field of preparedness and response to oil pollution of the sea in the Arctic, adopted a Framework plan for cooperation in the field of prevention of pollution of the marine areas of the Arctic oil as a result oil and gas activities and shipping and strategic plan for marine areas of the Arctic, aiming to protect the Arctic ecosystems. Active work aimed at the conservation of biodiversity”.

According to the Minister, the Arctic States have a special responsibility for the situation in the region. “However, the sustainable development of the Arctic, especially the solution of problems of transregional nature, and involves the participation of other international players, he added. – A successful example of joint efforts is the involvement of Arctic and non-regional countries in the implementation Framework document of the Arctic Council on actions to reduce emissions of black carbon and methane in the context of the overall efforts to search for optimal answers to the problem of global warming. Such forms of international cooperation in the region should be actively encouraged”.

Equal partnership

Sergei Lavrov pointed to the danger of confrontational approaches on the Arctic.

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“Russia will continue to comprehensively support the strengthening of mutually beneficial equal partnership in the region, its spread to new areas of interstate relations, – said the Minister. The Arctic is our common home, and preserve it for present and future generations is our responsibility”.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that “Russia has always regarded the Arctic as a territory of mutually respectful dialogue.” “All the necessary conditions to build, are convinced, we have international law clearly defines the rights of both coastal and other States, the article stated. – Are committed to a civilized, negotiated settlement of all disputes. I hope that the danger of confrontational approaches, including the introduction of tension from the outside, realize, and colleagues at the Arctic Council”.

In this case, said Lavrov, “and effectively address the issues of preserving the unique Arctic nature, the welfare of residents of the far North, including indigenous populations, responsible use of natural resources for the benefit of all the Arctic States can be found only through a genuine partnership”. “In this regard are satisfied that in the political Declaration of the Ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council in April this year in Canada reaffirmed the commitment of our countries to peace, stability and constructive cooperation, in finding collective answers to common challenges and sharing new opportunities,” he added.