McDonald’s is planning in 2016 to invest in the development of business in Russia about 9 billion rubles.

MOSCOW, January 25. McDonald’s will increase investment in business development in the Russian market to almost 9 billion rubles in 2016. This was announced by the President of “McDonalds” in Russia Hamzat Hasbulatov.

“Our capital expenditures last year were more than we have stated, is about 8 billion rubles, up from 6 billion this year will be more like 10%”, – he said.

Thus, the company’s investment in development in Russia in 2016 could be around 9 billion rubles.

The revenue of McDonald’s in Russia in 2015 has shown a double digit and not a definite growth, as previously planned, said Khasbulatov. If I pass a negative scenario, the company’s revenue growth in Russia would have been unambiguous for the first time in a quarter century, he said earlier to reporters. While the exact amount of revenue by country the company does not disclose.

“In 2016 we are maintaining double-digit growth of turnover in the Russian Federation. To achieve this goal, we will help the opening of 60 new restaurants. We also expect will increase sales of comparable properties taking into account inflation and rising prices. But the prices we increase in small steps, point”, – he said.

By the end of 2015, the company launched 59 new points of public catering in Russia compared to 73 in 2014.

Several McDonald’s restaurants this year should open the company’s partners on the franchise. In particular, 2-3 restaurant can open a restaurant holding company Rosinter entitled to the development of a McDonald’s in 2012. The holding company currently manages two points under this sign.