Medvedev demonstrated a number of pilot projects in REU them. Plekhanov

MOSCOW, January 25. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the Russian economic University named after. Plekhanov, where he was shown a series of pilot projects in the field of transport, health and related pricing.

The first project “Monitoring of minimum prices for socially important food products “Fair price”, which was attended by over 300 students, aims to find out the growth of prices for 17 categories of products from basic consumer basket. The study was conducted from February to may and in November 2015.

Medvedev has told about results of the project, during which we found out that in Moscow the growth of prices for selected products ranges from 19% to 40%, in the regions, average 30-32%. The second project was aimed at studying the condition of transport system of Moscow and the development of standards of service of transport. The study involved both students and teachers of the University, were examined in 146 metro cars, 100 buses, 24 bus and 10 tram routes. This resulted in development of service standards transport of the students transferred to the Department of transport of Moscow. “Moscow when I shall bring (the standards)?”, – asked Medvedev.

The standards developers have assured that all the necessary information they handed over to the Moscow authorities. In addition, the Minister was shown the results of the project in the field of health, where we studied the levels of risk of mortality in Russian regions. Such research, according to the developers, to determine the targeted financing of the assistance programmes. Medvedev, looking at the draft, noted an interesting pattern. “There’s no correlation between living standards and mortality”, – Medvedev said, adding that the North Caucasus is at the end of the list, and the regions more rich – at the top.

In a University laboratory, he was shown its own design RG for quality control of various products, allowing to identify, in particular, among adulteration of juices, coffee and alcohol. Graduate students said that they intend to transfer these technologies to Roskoshestvo. “Tell him implement,” – was approved by the Prime Minister.

Before that Medvedev accompanied by Vice-Premier Olga Golodets and Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov visited the layout of the complex of buildings “Plekhanovi”, occupying a vast space in Zamoskvorechye. The rector of the University Viktor Grishin briefed the Prime Minister about the history and plans of the institution for the future, and also about the salaries, the level of funding the REU position in various rankings, etc.

“This is impressive”, stated the Prime Minister after reviewing the layout.

Next to the layout and along the route of examination of the University students stood in pre-revolutionary student form Moscow commercial Institute, which was established in 1907 and in 1924 was named after Plekhanov.