Onf will be to increase the participation of citizens in the independent evaluation of the performance of the government

STAVROPOL, January 24. /Corr. Oleg Lyakhov/. Russian popular front (onf) will empower citizens ‘ participation in the discussion of the performance of the government. This was announced on Sunday the head of the Center of the popular front for the independent monitoring of implementation of decrees of the President of the Russian Federation “national examination” Nikolai Nikolaev interregional forum of the movement in Stavropol.

According to him, local officials are resisting the launch of mechanisms of independent evaluation of its activities. “Only seven out of 13 regions of Southern Russia give certain mechanisms of citizen participation in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the regional municipal authorities. As for the independent evaluation of the organization of the social sphere, most often this evaluation takes place by the forces of budgetary organizations, to speak about its effectiveness and independence sooner,” said Nikolaev.

Onf seeks to evidence of the effectiveness of state authorities and public were accurate, he continued. “We will also continue to work on enhancing the effectiveness of platforms for citizens to participate in the assessment activities of the authorities, to Express their opinion. And finally, we have to learn ourselves and to help citizens to participate fully in the work of these sites. This increases the efficiency of administration and effectiveness of performance “may decrees” of the President of the Russian Federation”, – said Nikolaev.

Analysis of performance most relevant to the SFD and NCFD provisions of the “may decrees” and orders of the President of the Russian Federation, as well as the surveys conducted by the regional offices of the popular front, together with “national review”, Sunday became the basis of the discussion areas.

In the framework of the Stavropol agrarian University held an exhibition of projects of the popular front, one of the Central stands of which was the interactive map on the performance of “may decrees” of the President of the Russian Federation. The exhibition presents materials and results of the projects of the movement “For fair procurement”, “For the rights of borrowers”, “please Rate the quality of the roads!”, The centre of “national expertise”, the Centre of ecology and forest protection, of the Center for legal support of journalists, the Centre for monitoring the quality and accessibility of health care.