Political analyst: for success in the elections Titov should unite businessmen

Political analyst: for success in the elections Titov should unite businessmen

Former co-Chairman of “Right cause”, according to media reports, leads with right-wing parties to head the list of one of them on elections in the state Duma. This initiative only works if Boris Titov will be able to associate large, medium and small business, said Alexei Mukhin.

MOSCOW, 25 Mar –. Business Ombudsman Boris Titov for a successful performance on elections in the state Duma will have to combine the three main layers of entrepreneurs in Russia: major, medium and small business, otherwise it waits for the result in 2-3%, said the CEO of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

Earlier media reported that Titov is the former co-Chairman of “Right cause” — leads with right-wing parties talks about how to lead the list of one of them in the September elections to the state Duma. As reported by RBC with reference to sources, on successful completion of the negotiations could be announced soon. Two of the three strongest right-wing parties — Civic platform and the Right cause is declared that such negotiations do not lead.

Mukhin believes that this is quite an interesting initiative, but it can only work when the join condition of all the major strata of entrepreneurs. “Titov will need somehow to link the three main layers of entrepreneurs that exist in Russia: the top layer — the large property owners that have problems, the middle layer – medium-sized business, which has a fundamentally different set of problems and small-scale entrepreneurs”, — said the expert.

If you manage to link these three social groups, to unite them with common ideology, a thesis next, “he will succeed”, said the CEO of the Center for political information.

“If this does not happen, unfortunately, that this project will suffer the fate of all right-wing liberal project that attempts were made to realize – that is, electoral uncertainty on elections – 2-3%”, — he added.

Mukhin said that to create his party before the election campaign Titov’s too late, “therefore, will be thrown cry and announced a search among these 70 party projects that can provide a location”.

The analyst noted that the performance with this initiative now chosen the most convenient moment when “the election campaign has de facto not yet started, although already in full swing”. “Now the most convenient time to take such an initiative. But here we need to address, here you need to take off the political field to be seen,” he said.

The expert also stated that one cannot draw analogies between Titov and the founder of the right party Civil platform, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, to presidential election 2012 scored 7%. “Prokhorov tried to create a party of Masonic type, and received the usual standard of the project, party of one person. For Titov fundamentally different build its work with potential voters — to create the Alliance, a coalition of the bright personalities that it actually worked. Because the experiences of the Prokhorov showed shoot a one man project may once more success he will not” — said the expert.