Putin considers a priority the preservation of a decent standard of living of people in Russia

Putin considers a priority the preservation of a decent standard of living of people in Russia

STAVROPOL, January 25. The main task of the Russian authorities in the current economic climate is maintaining a decent standard of living. This was stated by the President Vladimir Putin, responding during the inter-regional forum of the popular front on the issue of the relationship of inflation and indexation of benefits.

“Of course, we need to pay close attention to ensure that the level of life was kept at a decent level. Excuse me for this tautology,” said the head of state. According to him, in today’s economic conditions – “most importantly, that should be the center of attention at all levels of government”.

“We all know about the rate of the national currency, and all know about inflation… It will be even, the final count, a little less, I think, than originally talked about. But indexing (payments), especially for pensioners, should be respected in accordance with the decisions and the adopted law”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Neat waste of funds

Reserve funds of Russia in the current conditions to be used, including, for the fulfillment of social obligations, but it should be done carefully, said the head of state.

According to him, in the current circumstances “we must carefully, but to use our reserve funds – including, and primarily the government’s reserve funds”.

“For that reserve funds are created and that economic downturns to Finance social obligations. And we will certainly do that”, assured Putin. However, he stressed that the cost must be commensurate with budget revenues.

Complexity allow

He simultaneously noticed that the available complexity and give some opportunities, not only in agriculture but also in industry.

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“Speaking of which, we decline to 3.3 percent in industry, and in agriculture growth of nearly 3 percent. But the industry will definitely increase,” – expressed confidence the head of state. This, he said, should promote and measure of import substitution. Putin stressed that the program is aimed not just at “what costs something to replace what we’re missing”, and the creation of innovative technologies, not only in the defense industry.

“Fundamental bases of functioning of economy allow us to show cautious optimism,” continued Putin. According to him, the budget deficit in Russia was “less than we expected – I reported to the Ministry of Finance, 2.6%, probably 3 is odd”, and thus preserve the trade surplus and large reserves with low debt. He concluded that this creates the basic conditions for future development.

“Of course, we should preserve this, acting in the social sphere is also very carefully without inflating the cost, but providing the standard of living of citizens”, – concluded the head of state.

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Speech by Vladimir Putin at the interregional forum of the popular front. Text translation