Sands: in the settlement of the Ukraine main issue is the failure of the Kiev commitments

STAVROPOL, January 25. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov believes that the issue of settlement in the East of Ukraine, we should first go about the obligations of Kiev, which he still performs.

“Should we talk about that it is necessary to do to Kiev, – he told journalists. – Because, if we take the text of the Minsk agreements and simply read the paragraphs it contains are there clearly defined responsibilities of Kiev, which, unfortunately, are not executed”.

Commenting on statements by officials of France that in Paris are counting on the lifting of sanctions against Russia, Peskov stressed that “in the Kremlin has repeatedly reacted to it.” “It’s not our issue agenda, and the agenda of those who resort to sanctions rhetoric,” he said.

“We believe that these sanctions are absolutely illegal, they contradict the interests of not only Russia, but of countries that have imposed these sanctions”, – said Peskov.

Earlier, French economy Minister Emmanuel macron said that France intends to contribute to the lifting of economic sanctions against Russia by the summer of this year. “The goal, which must be provided is the opportunity for the summer of this year, the lifting of sanctions if the provisions of the Minsk agreements will be realized,” he said.