The Central Bank commented on the possible Association of Svyaz-Bank, “GLOBEKS” and “Rockape”

Moscow. On 25 January. The state’s share in the Russian banking sector in case of accession of Svyaz-Bank and GLOBEXBANK in the Bank “Russian capital” (the affiliated structure of the Agency for Deposit insurance, the Deposit insurance Agency) will not change, said the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Alexey Simanovsky.

VEB during the crisis of 2008-2009 was entrusted with the refurbishment of two medium-sized banks – Svyaz-Bank and “GLOBEKS”. For these purposes the Central Bank has allocated funds to VEB in the form of deposits, which were then converted into bonds (212 billion rubles). One of the measures of financial support of Vnesheconombank, now under discussion by the authorities, – the transfer of these banks the Agency on insurance of contributions with the simultaneous prolongation and the reduction of the debt of VEB to the Central Bank.

As we reported earlier, two sources in the financial market, it is planned that the DIA, having received the assets from a subsidiary of Vnesheconombank, added them to your Bank “the Russian capital”. This option would be logical, said the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev: this will create a big Bank and increase competition in the market.

“In the case of a decision on the transfer of Svyaz-Bank and “GLOBEKS” from the VEB to the DIA, the share of state participation in the capital of the Russian banking sector will not change, because the stakes will be transferred from one public Corporation to another,” said Simanovsky.

“Irrespective of, whether will continue the three Bank working in the market as an independent structure or (if agreed upon) will be combined into a single structure, the share of state ownership in the Russian banking sector will not change,” – said the first Deputy Chairman of the CBR.