The Chechen Parliament will be asked to validate the article on the website “Echo of Moscow” on extremism

GROZNY, January 25. Deputies of the Chechen Parliament intends to appeal to the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee of Russia about the presence of extremism in the article publicist Andrei Piontkovsky “Bomb, ready to explode” published on the website of the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. About it reports a press-service of legislative Assembly of the region.

“In his article Andrei Piontkovsky cites these words – “we are not to believe them, that is Chechens, citizens of Russia and Russian cities and villages. And convincingly proven not only to Chechens, but to all Caucasians.” But it is not clear what the author means by the word “we” – the people of the Russian Federation, or to be more precise – the Russian people, to which he himself, perhaps, classifies, or themselves and their foreign masters which commissioned and written article” – leads the press service quoted the Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Magomed Daudov.

He noted that in his article, the author openly calls for secession of the Chechen Republic from the Russian Federation. According to Daudova, in this publication there are also “calls for extremist activities and excitation of hatred and enmity between peoples, which can lead to the incitement of interethnic and interfaith strife, and violation of the unity and integrity of the country”.

In this regard, the Parliament of Chechnya will be sent an official appeal to the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee of Russia with a request to check an article for it calls for extremism and ethnic hatred. If the charges are confirmed, members are asked to prosecute the author of the article Piontkovsky. In addition, parliamentarians are asked in accordance with the Federal law “On mass media” to prosecute the editor of the radio station’s website which was posted by the publication.