The court declared bankruptcy of the sole shareholder-rusenergo Fund

Moscow. On 25 January. The Moscow arbitration court on Monday declared bankruptcy of LLC “Energo Finance”, which is the sole shareholder-rusenergo Fund. Concerning the debtor openly competitive manufacture for a period of six months. The court approved the bankruptcy Trustee Vladimir Budreckio.

Speaking at the meeting, the interim Manager Sergey Vladimirov announced that the company’s assets amount to 50 million 176 thousand 800 shares of the private joint-stock company “ROSENERGOBANK Ltd”. Investment in this stock amounted to 20 billion 62 million rubles. According to interim management, through the implementation of these actions it is possible to repay financing costs of the bankruptcy procedure. He noted that the debt to the budget and salaries of employees the company has no.

The creditors ‘ meeting on 9 October 2015 voted for the recognition of “Energy Finance” is bankrupt.

Vladimirov also said that the restoration of solvency of the company is impossible, signs of intentional bankruptcy are not revealed. The company has three creditors on $ 24.9 bn.

The Moscow arbitration court on 13 may 2015 in the framework of the bankruptcy case in its own words has introduced a supervision procedure in open company “Energo Finance”. The court appointed him interim Manager Sergei Vladimirov.

A company representative noted that trade payables are recognised amounts to 36.2 billion rubles. “The company lacks the ability to repay the debt”, – he said.

During the financial analysis, the interim Manager made a conclusion about impossibility of restoration of solvency of the company. Identified the absence of a debtor’s property and vehicles. Cash on accounts be 670 rubles.

Meanwhile, on August 31, 2015, the Arbitration court of Moscow has decided to include in the third turn of creditors ‘ register of LLC “Energo Finance” the requirements of the companies “FGC UES”, “Russian grids” MOESK and worth about 25 billion rubles. This amount is established at the expense of debt on promissory notes issued by the company “Energo Finance” in June 2010.

The court included in the register of creditors requirements of “FSK EES” to 21.5 billion rubles, including 20,1 billion roubles – basic debt, the requirements of “Russian grids” in the amount of 2.7 billion rubles (2.5 billion roubles – principal debt) and the requirements of “MOESK” in the amount of 770,3 million roubles (the basic debt – 500 million rubles).

As evidenced by the system data “SPARK-Interfax”, 81% “Energo Finance” is owned by the Cyprus “Serilda holdings”, 19% – owned “Rosneft” all-Russia regional development Bank (RRDB).

According to the certificate of D&B, received by “Interfax”, “Energy Finance” is a 100% owner registered in Cyprus-Rusenergo Fund Limited.

The Moscow arbitration court on April 17, 2015 satisfied the claim of VTB-rusenergo Fund to about $ 60 billion (the loan by 38.8 billion rubles including interest and penalties). The loan is secured by shares of Russian energy companies.

– Rusenergo Fund

The Fund was established Financial Corporation “Opening” in 2008 (then called Otkritie UES Capital Partners Fund) for redemption of shares of minority shareholders of energy companies, dissatisfied with the upcoming energy reform. He bought 5% of shares of RAO “UES of Russia”, and after conversion of the company converted their shares in 23 companies. The share buyback was carried out with borrowed money in the hope that the securities will rise.

According to D&B, the Fund attracted funds of VTB by 38.8 billion rubles, the Bank was granted bail by an appropriate amount was subsequently registered a second mortgage on 8.5 billion.

The Board of Directors-rusenergo Fund is composed of the Vice-President of Rosneft Andrey Shishkin (until June 2012 – Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation) and the founder, managing Director, Xenon Capital Partners Natalia Tsukanova, according to the certificate of D&B.

– Rusenergo Fund is managed by Xenon Capital Partners, the official website of Xenon and confirms the report from D&B. it also States that the capital-rusenergo Fund is 20 million euros, placed and paid-in capital – 5,017 million euros.

Cypriot Fund-rusenergo Fund Limited for investments in the Russian power generating and grid companies. The Fund’s portfolio was not disclosed. The assets can be from 1% to 5% of shares of “RusHydro”, “E. on Russia, inter RAO UES”, IDGC of five, “Russian grids”, “FGC UES”, wrote “Vedomosti” with reference to sources.