The court rejected the loukoster “Victory” in the cancellation of decision FAS on penalty for deceptive advertising

The court rejected the loukoster “Victory” in the cancellation of decision FAS on penalty for deceptive advertising

EKATERINBURG, January 25. The Moscow arbitration court rejected the airline “Victory” (enters into group “Aeroflot”) in cancellation of the decision of management FAS in Chelyabinsk region, recognize the unfair advertising flights to Moscow for 999 rubles. This was reported in court.


In 2015 the competition authority has imposed on the low-cost airline a fine of 100 thousand rubles. “Research data has shown that the minimum cost of flights from Chelyabinsk to Moscow is 1546,60 rubles, and this price includes in addition to the rate of airport passenger fees in the amount of 347,60 rubles, and the fee for additional services in the amount of 200 rubles. Information about airport passenger fees and fees for additional services is significant, as it affects the actual cost of air travel”, – stated in the decision of the court.

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In Dagestan, the FAS recognized the loukoster “Victory” violated the Antimonopoly law

The court found that the perception of information on the cost of the fare does not include fees provided for by the regulation on its implementation is difficult, as it is written “a very small, almost unreadable print pale blue on a blue background by vertical lines”. Also unreadable, according to the court, is material information about a limited number of proposals.

Thus, the complaint of “Victory” is not satisfied. The airline representative Elena Selivanova said that the decision of arbitration court of Moscow will be challenged. “Already filed the appeal,” she said.

As noted previously, the Department, in February 2015 the Department has asked a resident of Chelyabinsk, reported that on billboards in the outdoor advertising carrier “Victory” with information about the flights to Moscow for 999 rubles. FAS conducted an audit, which resulted in the low-cost airline was brought to administrative responsibility for unfair advertising.

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The airline “Victory” enters into group “Aeroflot”. The company’s aims is to increase the mobility of the population and transport accessibility of Russian regions. By 2018, the carrier fleet will consist of approximately 40 aircraft and transportation will reach 10 million people a year. Transaero’s route network will include more than 45 domestic and international destinations.

Now “Victory” serves more than 30 domestic and international destinations.