The head of Minkowksi: dialogue with society shows the effectiveness of the authorities

The head of Minkowksi: dialogue with society shows the effectiveness of the authorities

STAVROPOL, January 24. Dialogue with society is a “key success” of the performance of the government, said the Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov.

“The dialogue is on one hand a long process, on the other – its presence is a key success of the performance of the government. We need to change the key approaches from the point of view of implementation of decisions,” he said on Sunday to journalists on the sidelines of the inter-regional forum of the Russian popular front (onf) in Stavropol.

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“A lot of good and correct decisions, is absolutely critical today, but what is slow their implementation, we are not getting much of that could we have the real and financial resources and public support, and which ultimately help us change the situation in the agenda today”, – said Kuznetsov.

Speaking about the peculiarities of the Caucasus, the Minister noted his individuality. “Although the Caucasus is a very complicated area and there are a lot of social challenges, I am pleased that today we have heard confirmation of the policy, in which we were supported by the President of the country and which we are implementing, yet it is the development of the real sector of the economy. It is not a panacea, but it is very important, the key segment in order to form inter-ethnic stability,” the Minister said.

According to the head of Minkowksi, it is necessary to “preserve the ethnic and cultural traditions, at the same time, harmoniously interwoven in the inter-ethnic relations, which today are critically important to the development of society, and using it to form strong and the Caucasus, and strong the South of the country, and ultimately a strong competitive country – Russia”.

In the first in 2016 interregional forum of the Russian popular front (onf), which opened in Stavropol, is attended by over 600 people. This civil society activists from the southern regions of the country, Federal and regional experts of the popular front, the journalists, the representatives of the legislative branch.

To participate in the event also invited representatives of the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of the North Caucasus, the Ministry of labour and social protection, Ministry of construction and housing, the Federal Antimonopoly service, audit chamber, the Agency for nationalities, and others.