The head of the FNPR: the policy of the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry can lead to sharp growth of unemployment in the country

UFA, January 25. /Corr. Nail Shachmaliev/. In Russia, may be a precipitous increase in unemployment if the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry will retain the current credit policy. This was reported in an interview with correspondent. the head of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) Mikhail Shmakov.

“If will continue to be the policy of the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry, which was held prior to this for several years, then unemployment will increase, because loans to the real economy, which creates jobs, can not exist, he said. – Need a fairly quick policy change. If it is not, the unemployment will grow fast”.

According to the FNPR, the unemployment rate in Russia now is about 7% (according to the Ministry of labor to 5.5%).

Shmakov also said that wage arrears to workers is growing now. “If I’m not mistaken, now (wage arrears) are estimated at 19 billion rubles. Growth of around 4-5 billion over the past few months. It is far from 1998, there were 89 billion, but it is unpleasant all the same,” he added.