The Ministry of agriculture did not exclude the tightening of restrictions on grain exports

Moscow. On 25 January. The Ministry of agriculture is considering the possibility of strengthening the restrictive measures on grain exports until the appearance on the market of grain.

According to a source in the Department, the issue of changing the size of the export duty for wheat was discussed at a meeting last Friday chaired by Deputy Minister of agriculture Sergey Levin.

The reason for this was the aggravation of the situation in animal husbandry, especially in pig and poultry farming, the rising costs of these industries feed.

“On the one hand, rising costs of livestock to purchase grain, the other – according to unions, decreases the purchasing power of the population, which ultimately leads to a sharp decline in profitability of pork and poultry meat” – said the source.

Following the meeting, Levin instructed to explore up to 29 January, the question of a possible tightening of restrictive measures against the export of grain for the period until the new crop market.

As reported, the proposals for export duties on wheat, the agriculture Ministry plans to submit to the government by the end of January.

According to analysts of the grain market, prices for grain on the domestic market are growing, despite the decline in world market prices. The reason for this is the rise of the dollar against the ruble.

Currently the export duty for wheat is 50% of the customs value minus 6.5 thousand rubles, but not less than 10 rubles per ton.