The office of Rospotrebnadzor for the first time filed a lawsuit against the website, which was promoting holidays in Turkey

The office of Rospotrebnadzor for the first time filed a lawsuit against the website, which was promoting holidays in Turkey

MOSCOW, January 25. Management Rospotrebnadzor Moscow for the first time filed a lawsuit against the website, locating the information about the holiday in Turkey contrary to the presidential decree of 28 November, prescriptive Russian tour operators and travel agents to stop promoting trips to this country.

This is stated in the message Department.

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As noted in Rospotrebnadzor, the monitoring “was identified the Internet site with the presence information not satisfying the requirements of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 28 November 2015 and offering familiarization tours to Turkey in 2016”.

The management repeatedly placed with information for tourists about the possible occurrence of security risks in the Turkish Republic. With respect to the site management has prepared and filed a lawsuit to protect the rights and lawful interests of an indefinite circle of consumers.

As previously reported, the CPS checks the travel Agency for sales of travel packages to Turkey. According to the Department, advertising the description of this direction of recreation can be regarded as prohibited by decree of the President “promotion” Turkish product.

Sale of tours to Turkey and Egypt through third countries a single character

Earlier, the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov said that the attempts of the Russians prohibited sale of tours to Turkey and Egypt with a shipment through third countries remains fragmentary.

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“Rosturizm system in order monitor the situation. In case of detection (of violations – ed.) we immediately inform the relevant competent authorities of the Russian Federation. Call who (violate), I won’t, but it’s not massive, isolated cases”, – said Safonov.

He also noted that the Federal tourism Agency interacts with the ambassadors of the countries through which the tour operators are trying to send Russians to Egypt and Turkey to resolve the situation.

The attack on the Russian su-24M and its consequences

November 24, fighter from the Turkish air force F-16 shot down Russian bomber su-24M, which, according to Ankara, had violated the country’s airspace near the border with Syria.

In response, the defense Ministry said the su-24M was in the skies over Syria and crossed the border by the Turkish aircraft. The crew of the downed bomber managed to eject, however, commander Oleg Peshkov was killed by ground fire. Navigator Konstantin Muratina saved the Russian military and taken to a Russian base. During the operation to evacuate the pilots of the su-24M was lost helicopter Mi-8. In the death of a marine-contract employee Alexander Pozynich.

Putin called the attack a Turkish air force aircraft of the Russian Federation, who participated in anti-terrorist operations in Syria and did not pose a threat to Turkey, “the stab in the back” of Russia.

The Russian head of state on 28 November signed a decree on the temporary ban from 1 January 2016 to hire workers from among the citizens of Turkey. With the new year also suspends the agreement with Turkey on visa-free regime. A ban or restriction on the import into Russia of certain goods from Turkey (the list will be determined by the government). In addition, it is not recommended to tour operators to sell trips to Turkey. The government was instructed to strengthen control over the activities of the Turkish road carriers on the territory of Russia in order to ensure security.

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