Dvorkovich promised the four support industries in 100 billion roubles in crisis

Moscow. January 26. The amount of support the four sectors under the new anti-crisis plan may be about 100 billion roubles, social sphere support, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

“We have already spoken, what industry will be the focus for state support this year in addition to what we have done in the past, the automotive industry, transport machinery, light industry and construction. So far, the total is estimated to reach 100 billion rubles,” said Dvorkovich to journalists.

He noted that this amount is a potential taking into account the suggestions made. “This does not mean that this is the final list, we are continuing other support programs. For example, agriculture is traditional, and focus on these four sectors does not mean that we refuse to support agriculture, maintain that support in full the required amount,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

He noted that if the funds will be claimed, from the anti-crisis Fund by the government can be allocated additional resources.

“I wasn’t even broached the subject of social institutions, the labour market, of education, of health, of course, we pay these areas special attention, and they will not find support,” said Dvorkovich.