Galuška: transport projects in the Far East can apply for Chinese money

MOSCOW, January 26. Investment projects of transport corridors in North-East China to the South of Primorye can apply for financing Asian and Eurasian banks, a BRICS Bank and Fund “silk road”. This was announced by the Minister of the Russian Federation for Far East development Alexander Galushka in an interview.

“We expect that these projects will find themselves and the Asian infrastructure investment Bank and BRICS Bank and the Fund “silk road”, Eurasian Bank”, – said the Minister.

Necessary volume of investments into projects of the transport corridors from Russia to the PRC currently are verified with Chinese partners. “All of the justification on the numbers I personally handed to the State Committee of China development and reform Commission. We agreed that the end of the month we will work on the issue on creation of joint working group on studying of the document”, – said the head of Ministry.

Galushka noted that financial and economic model for the implementation of these transport corridors is preparing to McKinsey. Now consider the option of establishing a transport corridor from Heilongjiang province in the Find, from Jilin province in Zarubino, a corridor in the port of Slavyanka. These ports operate in the regime of free ports, which are distributed in 15 districts of Primorye.

“Now we see that cargo base of these projects amounts to tens of millions of tons. This means that the costs that will be required for the formation of transport corridors, will pay off and will give you the desired profitability,” – said Galushka.

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