Growth in food prices in the Central Federal district until a small but steady

Growth in food prices in the Central Federal district until a small but steady

The regional authority of the Central Federal district attempts to keep prices down and attract on the market for more local suppliers to competition with the commercial networks.

BRYANSK, 26 Jan. The prices of many food products in the regions of the Central Federal district since the end of last year rose slightly, according to statistics. According to consumers, this happened due to the fact that before the new year holidays the prices are artificially raised, then there is some natural decline.

The number of regions continues active work on attraction to the market of local products that could compete with retail chains to keep prices down. However, representatives of retail believe that no measures would help to contain the increase in food prices and predict a 25-30% price increase for 2016.

Stubborn statistics: from Belgorod to Ryazan

In Belgorod, according to statistics, over two postpractice weeks marked the biggest growth of prices for fresh cucumbers and tomatoes (5-6%). Within tenths of a percent decrease in prices for pork, beef and cereals. Prices of other vegetables, meat and dairy products either remained unchanged or grew slightly (by 0.1 – 0.5 per cent).

Branstad reports about the rise in price of cucumbers, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and onions. A little more expensive beef, boiled sausage, sausages and small sausages, milk, and sunflower butter, margarine, and pasta and wheat flour. But dropped the price of apples and tomatoes, chicken, frozen fish, canned meat, cheese, rice, buckwheat, chicken eggs, boiled and semi-smoked sausages and cheeses. Became cheaper tea, but the sugar and sweets have increased in price.

Increased before the new year the prices for cucumbers-tomatoes in the Vladimir region, begin to fall. Pork and beef decreased slightly in price – 1, 12%.

In Voronezh, according to Internet monitoring of the consumer basket, prices of potatoes during the past 30 days increased by 24.6% and amounted to 24 rubles per kilogram. Eggs went up by 35.5% — up to 60 rubles per dozen, fruit by 7.4% — up to 75 rubles per kilo; fish fell in price by 28.5% — up to 192 per kilo, the meat has fallen in price on 5,5 % — to 284 rubles per kilogram. Unchanged prices of vegetables and sausage. At the end of the year: 151 and 367 roubles per kilogram respectively.

By the end of 2015 in Ivanovo region, prices fell for fruit and vegetable products: potato, onion, carrot dining room. Fell and flour prices after a sharp rise in the second half of last year. The main reason of reduction of price the flow of new production, introduction of export duties and a good grain harvest in the country in General.

In most trading formats of the Kaluga region after the new year, prices fluctuated only slightly. According to the data on the third week of January, the price of flour in the shops of the Federal networks decreased by 4%, butter — by 0.5%, tomatoes — by 4.6%. Carrots for the specified period became more expensive by 6.3%. Similar changes recorded in other formats trade. According to the Kaluga government, the minimum price in Kaluga among the neighboring regional centers of the Central Federal district are observed on the eggs, biscuits, bread, rice, margarine, apples, tomatoes, flour.

Ryazan in the third week of January only marks a striking change in the price of sour cream and vodka has risen in price by 5-8%. In Resinstate such a leap to explain the structural shift, which is characteristic for the beginning of the year. This means that the observable range of products: for example, “cleaned up” with market cheap goods, and his place was taken by hon. But on chicken eggs, on the contrary, because of the shift rates decreased by 2.1-3.3% to 60.2 to 60.6 per ruble.

The stop price

Attempts to contain price rise and to bring to market additional local suppliers undertake regional authorities. A number of meetings relating to import substitution and support of local producers, was held in the Central Federal district on new year’s eve and after it. So, in the Bryansk region on new year’s eve held a regional forum “Buy Bryansky”, which brought together retailers and local producers with the aim to bring in food chain quality and inexpensive product Bryansk.

It was noted that the internal needs of the region in grain, milk and eggs provided. “Meat production levels exceed the needs of the field four times, potatoes — by 10 times. So now we can feed not only themselves, but also to ensure that the products of other regions”, — noted the head of the region Alexander Bogomaz, the special pride of which is the collection of 1.2 million tons of potatoes.

Cheap local French residents of the region can buy at vegetable markets and fairs, which was actively supported by the government. However, in trading networks, the local price of potatoes, according to the observations of customers, does not exceed 12 rubles.

In the Kaluga region have found another tool to contain the growth of prices. There is a project “the Rating of low price”. Specialists of the regional Committee of the consumer market, small business development and licensing, together with public organizations on a weekly basis carry out monitoring in large retail chains that are rated low prices on socially significant goods.

In Ryazan, and Bryansk regions to create competition trading networks were organized mobile trading, weekend fairs to attract additional suppliers of vegetables.

In the Ivanovo region since the beginning of the year resume check the availability of local production in trading networks. In January 2016 will resume inspection avoidances of retail chains, which will be performed to verify the presence on the shelves of retail facilities Ivanovo goods and mark them with stoppers. According to the government, on the shelves of regional networks in December are 39% of the local production, the Federal networks of 8.7%.

“In 2016 the share of local producers in retail chains of the Ivanovo region should be brought to 60%”, – quoted the Deputy Chairman of the regional government Svetlana Davletova.

The laws of the market: the price increase imminent

However, the interviewed sellers and buyers are not inclined to have illusions about the lack of price growth. Buyers note that from weekends to weekends, prices on individual items are slowly but surely growing. This is especially true of the so-called convenience stores.

“The usual baby milk products in Bryansk has risen by 4-5 rubles in the store, but in supermarkets it is still possible to buy at the old prices. On product basis, where we go to buy fish, each of these positions has risen in price where-that on 10 roubles. But in General, while the price increase is not too noticeable, because we try to buy products during different actions in network shops of type “Line”, “Lenta”, “Magnet”, — said the resident of Bryansk Julia.

Approximately the same situation describe Housewives from other regions of the Central Federal district: growth of prices is not deafening, but regular saving discounts and promotions.

“The set of products that we usually buy family for 3 thousand rubles, this weekend, “drew almost 4 thousand”, — said the resident of eagle Valery.

According to representatives of the leading food retailers in Russia, X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok”, hypermarkets under the brand “Karusel”, “Perekrestok Express”), the growth of prices in shops of retail chains currently not too noticeable, but it depends on the General economic processes.

“The growth of our retail prices in direct proportion depends on the prices of suppliers grow their prices — and our growing, prices are rising because they the purchase of raw materials in the price are rising, everything is interdependent”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

As told Alexander Polugaevsky, who heads the “Bryansk Guild of Industrialists and entrepreneurs”, at present, the products in the shops seriously still not risen, but, according to his forecasts, the growth of prices for 2016 will be up to 30%.

“This year, I think it will be a 25-30% price hike at least. Why do prices rise? The raw material is expensive, more expensive services, taxes are rising,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

He said that no action on attraction in a distribution network of local producers will not be able to keep the prices down.

“The processes are not interrelated. For example, in meat production: in the domestic market is not enough pork. Only 70% of produced in Russia. As long as there is demand, the price of pork will grow. For poultry meat price will grow as well, because people consume it as the cheapest meat. The government can only keep the prices for bread and some other socially oriented products. However, their share in the consumer basket is not so great,” — said the Agency interlocutor.