Lavrov: Moscow will demand strict observance of the “Minsk-2”

Lavrov: Moscow will demand strict observance of the “Minsk-2”

MOSCOW, January 26. Russia will contribute to the Ukrainians restored the national consensus. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at a press conference at the end of the year.

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“I think a huge achievement of the past year achievement of the Minsk agreements 12 February 2015, said the Minister. – Afterwards, we pressed for the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine on the basis of fulfillment of the obligations that are contained in the set of measures”.

Lavrov said that “not all agreements have been fulfilled, even not all”. “First of all those relating to the commitment of Kiev on the establishment of direct dialogue with Donetsk and Luhansk to resolve the political aspects of the Ukrainian crisis,” – said the Minister.

“It was therefore decided to continue this work in 2016, – said Lavrov. But the tasks remain the same, they are all explicitly enshrined in the Minsk documents.”

“We will demand their execution strictly in accordance with the additional agreements, the additional efforts made, in particular, during the meeting of leaders “channel four”, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“We will continue to maintain a comprehensive and exclusively peaceful settlement of the internal Ukrainian crisis – Lavrov said. – Continue to encourage the Ukrainians restored the national consensus and achieved normal sustainable development”.


On 12 February the negotiators of the contact group in Minsk signed the previously agreed with the heads of the participating countries “channel four” document, providing for a ceasefire in the Donbass February 15. The negotiations “Norman Quartet” consisting of the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and France, as well as the German Chancellor continued in Minsk in various formats (in the narrow format with participation of members of delegations) from the evening of 11 February, a total of about 16 hours.

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