Media: Gazprom will have to notify the European Commission the parameters of its gas contracts

MOSCOW, January 26. Non-European gas suppliers, including the Russian company Gazprom, will have, according to the new drafts of the European Commission (EC) to inform the controller about the parameters of its long-term gas contracts. About this newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to the texts of pending bills by the EC.

According to the newspaper, two bills of the European Commission should become the base document for the emerging of the EC energosoiuz. The first document devoted to the “mechanism of exchange of information on upcoming and newly signed intergovernmental agreement in the field of energy”, and the second is a substantive amendment to the Directive on security of gas supplies in 2010, adopted in response to the Russian-Ukrainian “gas crisis of 2009”.

According to “Kommersant”, “the Commission proposes to oblige all partners gas suppliers from outside the EU to provide data on their long-term (over one year) contracts for the purchase of gas. You will need to inform the life of the contract, minimum and maximum daily, monthly and yearly volumes, delivery point of gas, as well as the contractual conditions of supply interruption. If a group of people the vendor has contracts with the group with European customers, such contracts provide more than 40% of gas consumption in the country in the EU, the buyer is obliged to report not only to the local controller, but also directly in front of the EC”.

As noted, from all outside suppliers of gas called the criterion corresponds to the delivery of “Gazprom” in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Thus, the EU will be able to obtain official permanent access to prices and individual for each country the formula of “Gazprom”.