Medvedev pointed to low cooperation of business and science

Medvedev pointed to low cooperation of business and science

GORKI, January 26. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev complained about the poor cooperation of business and science and insufficient demand for innovation in the economy. This opinion he expressed, opening the meeting of the Expert Council, which on Tuesday discussed prospects of development of the innovative sphere.

“Among the problems that we have, obviously you need to mention the low level of cooperation between science and private business, lack of demand and the demand for innovation, as we constantly say the last 7-8 years,” he said. Among other problems he also pointed to a weak system of intellectual property protection, “even in normative development, it nevertheless still does not protect effectively”.

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Medvedev urged the participants of the Expert Council to discuss issues such as efficiency of activity of institutes of development, updating of programs of innovative development of companies with state participation. “We did, but makes sense once again to go back to that, especially in the current situation, when the economy there is a set of the crisis,” he said.

He also proposed to discuss the issue of increasing the efficiency of expenditure on research and development, and ensuring transparency in measures to support the industry.

Medvedev also recalled that on the instructions of the President voiced in the address to the Federal Assembly in late 2015, the government will soon create a new Agency for technological development, which should focus on the services for search and acquisition of technology licenses for domestic business, etc.

At the international level

The results of development of innovations in Russia are estimated in different ways, but is recognised at the international level, Medvedev said.

“These findings, like I said, they are assessed differently, but, nevertheless, they are recognized at the international level. Recently, at the end of the second decade of January, Bloomberg published a ranking of the most innovative countries, it climbed a few steps and is quite good given the current economic situation the 12th position,” Medvedev said.

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The Prime Minister said that, the same rating the United States of America is an 8-th position. According to Medvedev, these ratings are rather arbitrary, but reflect the trends in the innovative development of a country.

At the beginning of his speech, Medvedev noted that in recent years we have spent a lot of effort appeared in Russia modern system of promoting innovation.

“These were both state bodies and public organizations, business. Either we ourselves have created specialized institutions, or engaged in scientific and technological policy in a broad sense. Were the changes in academic science, higher professional education, and, of course, was to support high-tech industry,” said the Prime Minister.