Oil companies in 2017 will be put into the pipeline, Kuyumba – Taishet 660 thousand tons of oil

MOSCOW, January 25. The volume of oil delivery to the pipeline Kuyumba – Taishet updated on the request of the oil companies are in 2017 660 thousand tons in 2018 1 ,072 million tons, in 2019 – 4,138 million tons, is spoken in the message “Transneft”.

In 2015 JSC “NK “Rosneft” and JSC “NGK “Slavneft” has signed preliminary agreements on rendering of services on oil transportation by pipeline of Kuyumba – Taishet, in accordance with which the maximum volume of oil delivery to the pipeline is planned, starting in 2024, in the amount of more than 11 million tons per year.

To optimize capital expenditures of OAO “AK “Transneft” has spent a correction of the terms of commissioning of objects of Kuyumba – Taishet to ensure the required throughput of the pipeline in accordance with the volume and timing of delivery of oil under preliminary contracts. In this case, for a variety of reasons change the capacity of the pipeline can be carried out only by adjusting the timing of the commissioning of two pumping stations (PS-23 and PS-4). Among these reasons is the impossibility of changing the diameter of the pipeline, as on date, fully completed welding, laying and backfilling of the linear part, conducted a hydrostatic test and internal diagnostics.

Commissioning of the oil pipeline with diameter of 530 mm on the BOPS from No. 21 to PS-2, of the pipeline on the section from PS 2 to expansion “Taishet” and two pumping stations (MPs No. 1 and PS-2) will provide bandwidth MN Kuyumba – Taishet in the amount of 8.6 million tons of oil per year. Commissioning of these facilities will allow to transport oil in the amount stipulated preliminary agreements for the period up to 2023. Excess transportation volumes in 2022 and 2023 over the years the capacity of the pipeline will be offset by the use of antiturbulent additives.

In 2023, it is proposed to put into operation the PS-23 and PS 24, which will ensure the throughput of the pipeline, Kuyumba – Taishet to 15 million tons per year, since the fourth quarter of 2023. The commissioning only one or two of these NPCs will provide maximum pipeline capacity of up to 10.6 million tons per year. In accordance with the terms of preliminary contracts, the volume of oil delivery may exceed 20% of the stated capacity. Thus, the throughput of the pipeline, Kuyumba – Taishet by 2024 shall not be less than 14 million tons per year.

“Transneft” noted that the amendments to the decree of the government of the Russian Federation of 17 April 2012 will allow to optimize the capital cost of the construction of MN Kuyumba – Taishet in connection with the adjustment of the oil companies on the volume and timing of oil delivery.

As previously reported, in January, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, according to which it was decided to implement the project of construction of the oil trunk pipelines of Kuyumba – Taishet in two stages. The first stage is the design and construction of the pipeline throughput capacity up to 8.6 million tons of oil per year with completion in the fourth quarter of 2016.

At the second stage it is planned to increase capacity to 15 million tons of oil per year and complete the project in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The oil pipeline construction project is estimated to 124.2 billion.

Trunk pipeline of Kuyumba – Taishet will connect to the pipeline system “Eastern Siberia – Pacific ocean” Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye and kuyumbinsky fields located in the Krasnoyarsk region.