Patrushev: the world should thank Russia that Crimea did not allow the mass destruction of people

MOSCOW, January 26. The world should thank Russia that Crimea was able to prevent massive loss of life. It was pointed out to the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in an interview to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“The only real alternative to joining the Crimea to Russia was the mass bloodshed on the Peninsula. Therefore, I am convinced that the international community we must say thank you for the Crimea. Thank you for the fact that in this region, unlike Donbass, there were no mass death of people”, – said Patrushev.

According to him, Washington has initiated the annexation of Crimea to Russia by supporting anti-constitutional state coup in Ukraine. “The Crimea was joined to Russia not because Russia wanted it, but because the population of the Peninsula held a referendum and an absolute majority of votes have decided: we want to live in Russia, rather than Ukraine,” said Secretary of the RF security Council.

Ukraine has been preserved as a single state

Patrushev also said that Russia is interested in Ukraine has been preserved as a single state, and are not interested in its destruction.

He reminded that several analysts, including in the state structures of Russia, warned of the potential escalation of the situation in Ukraine. “However, they predicted that it comes to coup with anti-Russian overtones. And we had Ukrainians had massive material and financial assistance. Currently, the leadership of Ukraine are the appointees of the U.S., which do somebody else’s will, aimed at further distance their countries from Russia”, – said Patrushev.

In his opinion, “this policy direction has no prospects”. “If it is not time to give up, then it will lead to a complete collapse of the Ukrainian economy, and to the disintegration of Ukraine.

The alternative would be the implementation of the Kyiv Minsk agreements in full, said Patrushev. “The question is, is there such a willingness from the authorities in Kiev?”, – asks the Secretary of the Russian security Council.

In his opinion, and in the Russian Federation, and Ukraine, with a population of one people, which is still divided. “Ukraine will inevitably be a time of rethinking what is being done. In the end, normal relations between our countries will be restored”, – expressed confidence Patrushev.