Political scientists: the charges of the U.S. Treasury against Putin – element information attacks on Russia

Political scientists: the charges of the U.S. Treasury against Putin – element information attacks on Russia

MOSCOW, January 26. Remarks by acting Deputy head of the U.S. Treasury Adam Shubin addressed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin are “irresponsible statements of irresponsible officials” and “media attacks” on Russia. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Russian political scientists.

Political scientist Pavel Danilin considers the appearance of these statements as an element of the “information attack on Russia.” “All this is due to the emerging sprouts of settlement in the Ukraine, the continuing growth of discontent of the European countries regarding sanctions, they are not interested in sanctions against Russia”, – he said in conversation C. In his view, this attack aims to “apply further economic and political damage to the interests of our country.”

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He described the remarks of the Russian President as “irresponsible statements of irresponsible official”.

In his words, “theoretically, you could hire law firm in the US that would attract him (the Treasury representative) to court for defamation”. However, to file such a suit, according to Danilin, must the President himself. “(But) who is the representative of the Ministry of Finance to the President himself reacted to his comments?”, – said the expert.

“The US often makes statements, although dress them in very careful form, which should cause explosive Mediafact, but not have legal consequences”, – said the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

However, he believes that attempts to respond to the accusations “will have a display, informational effects”. “It’s a trap for politicians to discredit them,” says the analyst.

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Earlier press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said that the Ministry of the Treasury must submit evidence put forward in the address of the Russian President of corruption charges. By themselves, these allegations have all the hallmarks of an orchestrated campaign, are nothing but fiction and slander, he said. “If they leave such official statement without proof, then it casts a shadow on the reputation of the Agency,” said Sands, commenting on the request published on the BBC film in which the acting Deputy of the U.S. Treasury Adam Shubin argues that the actions of the President of Russia allegedly were directed at their own enrichment.

Answering the question about the reaction of Moscow, Peskov stressed that “it is not our task to demand evidence”. “Now it is the task of the Agency to introduce any evidence to show that the statements of the official representative are not unfounded slander”, – concluded the press-Secretary of the President.

The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov called the nonsense and the nonsense of Putin’s accusations of corruption on the part of the U.S. Treasury. “I’m on various high posts in government I am for a long time, the seventeenth year. I have said many times that claptrap and nonsense I will not comment on”, – he told journalists in response to a request to comment on the accusations against Putin.

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