Restart of international relations and children’s behaviour United States: key statements by Lavrov

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov held a traditional big press conference at the end of 2015. At the press conference were accredited more than 250 Russian and 200 foreign journalists.

Main statements of the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation – in the material.


The threat of international terrorism

They (terrorists) climb in all the cracks, holes. And if we’re not going to fight them, they are no one can escape

  • The Islamists openly declare plans to establish a Caliphate from Portugal to Pakistan and it is a real threat not only to regional but to global security.
  • Russia’s participation in the fight against terrorism has facilitated the adoption of important UN security Council resolutions aimed at suppressing the financing of terrorism (2199 and 2253).
  • Russia is currently protected from the presence on its territory of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, the terrorist group banned in Russia).
  • Moscow has information that the IG uses the Pankisi gorge in Georgia to their advantage.


About the anti-terrorist operation in Syria

Clear picture of who is fighting with terrorists and who is their accomplice and tries to use them in their selfish purposes

  • One of the key moments of 2015 was the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the formation under UN auspices of a broad anti-terrorist coalition.
  • The actions of the Russian aerospace defence forces in response to the appeal of the Syrian leadership helped to turn the tide in Syria and to ensure a narrowing of controlling terrorists. space.
  • The US refuses to coordinate with Russia on military matters in Syria, thereby acting like one and not a grown-up.


On the situation in Syria

In relation to anti-terrorism resolutions on Syria we are determined not to allow any games

  • The former head of the GRU Igor Sergun not offered to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign during his visit to Damascus.
  • Assad hasn’t asked Russia for political asylum.
  • Attempts to furnish a joint fight against terrorism, for example, in Syria a condition for the resignation of President Assad – a big mistake.


About the crisis in Ukraine

Don’t want to have someone build a policy so that “Minsk-2” must complete the Russia and not the Ukraine… the Fact that sanctions are extended, will be taken as consent of the West that Kiev does not fulfill the agreement

  • A great achievement last year – the achievement of the Minsk agreements 12 February 2015.
  • However, not all executed agreements, primarily those related to the commitment of Kiev on the establishment of direct dialogue with Donetsk and Luhansk to resolve the political aspects of the Ukrainian crisis.
  • Kiev sees Western sanctions against Russia as a resolution not to implement the Minsk agreement.
  • The Ukrainian government is fair and consistent implementation of the agreements that accompany the radicals, trying not fair to interpret the agreement.
  • Russia didn’t violate Budapest Memorandum. No threats of use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine from the Russian Federation sounded.
  • Russia does not conduct any negotiations on the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine, this is the territory of the Russian Federation in full accordance with the will of the people of Crimea.


About the relations with the West

We don’t get offended, we have such traditions in the relations with States not. We understand that life is tougher all the schemes, as reboot. We understand that the U.S. is interested to have fewer competitors

  • Need common “reset” international relations, all countries of the world reaffirmed their commitment to the UN Charter, and the question of new relations with the United States to address Washington.
  • The cooling of relations with the Obama administration’s and the termination of the “reset” began long before the Ukraine.
  • Russia is open to cooperation with Western partners, but only on an equal and mutually beneficial basis.
  • Efforts continue to contain Russia, although this long line was to be deposited in the archives of history.
  • Russia does not run after the Western colleagues urging them to remove the sanctions and concentrated on not to depend on the zigzags in Western politics.
  • Russia is not interested in the EU weakened, that it appeared some cracks to split.
  • Moscow will consider strengthening of military potential of NATO near the Russian borders.
  • The problem is that decisions in NATO are taking the United States, and Europe takes just under visor.


About relations with Germany

A range of mechanisms that help us move forward – Yes, it was complicated, but not stopped… I can see how pragmatic and sensible German entrepreneurs assess the situation

  • Relations between Russia and Germany are not in crisis or at an impasse. Between States, there is an intensive dialogue at the highest level.
  • German business continues active efforts to resolve ties with their Russian partners.
  • Moscow urges Germany not “sweep under the carpet” the problems with migrants, in particular hoped that there will be occasions, like with the girl Lisa in Germany that went missing more than a day. The RF works with the lawyer of her family.


About the Litvinenko case

The judge (Robert) Owen, in announcing its opinion, has not made any accusation that is not accompanied by the words “possibly”, “probably”. He even said that the case was based on strong circumstantial evidence. It is unprecedented for court practice

  • Play around Litvinenko affair further complicate Russian-British relations.
  • In the report on Litvinenko in the Russian Federation address the allegations, but no proof.


About relations with Canada

Given those comments, which makes Trudeau and his colleagues on foreign policy, you can expect that opportunities to rectify our bilateral relations, which were completely artificial and pointless complicated

  • The last two years were for both countries, time, lost opportunities, as the government of Stephen Harper has turned the bilateral ties, imposed sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities.
  • After winning the October 2015 election in Canada, the liberal party led by Justin Trudeau will have the opportunity to rectify the bilateral relations.


About the situation on the Korean Peninsula

Come, that we are trying to isolate. When trying to isolate Iran – nothing good happened. You cannot repeat this error in relation to the DPRK

  • Moscow is not sure that the DPRK conducted the test exactly a hydrogen bomb.
  • The refusal of Pyongyang of nuclear weapons prior to the resumption of negotiations would be the easiest solution, but it’s unrealistic.
  • To isolate the DPRK from the negotiations – not a good idea.