Sellers in electronics “cyber Monday” was often increased prices than exhibited discounts

MOSCOW, January 26. Sellers of consumer electronics in the framework of online sales “cyberpowerinc” was often increased prices than put up discounts on products. This is stated in the research of Yandex.Market.

The service compared the prices and demand before and during the sale in the ten major stores involved the sale on January 25. The average for the segment of household appliances and electronics rebates raised to 9% range, whereas twice as many goods (18%), on the contrary, has risen, according to the study.

The stores often put up discounts on non-tradable goods than on popular. Moreover, often prices rose on demand model electronics. For example, popular TV models discounts have touched 9% and 19%, prices rose. Among other models of televisions 11% cheaper, and 16% – more expensive. In the end, the average price of products in different categories either decreased slightly or increased slightly, according to the study.

The average discount on electronics and household appliances amounted to “cyber Monday” of 14%, and popular products fell by slightly less than 13%, less in demand – 15%. Greatest discounts (over 18%) exhibited small appliances – blenders, hair dryers and electric shavers, according to analysts. More expensive categories of goods declined on average by 10-13%.

About “Cyber Monday”

“Cyber Monday” this year was held on January 25, the action was attended by about hundreds of Russian online retailers. The flow of potential customers of Internet-shops on this day has increased markedly: the average number of transitions from Yandex.Market on the websites of the stores participating in the campaign increased by 75% compared with the previous Monday. In the electronics segment only stronger (approximately twice) increased the number of people willing to buy TVs and refrigerators. Less discounts interested buyers of mobile phones, smart watches and shavers: these categories have seen demand rise by 35-45%.

According to Yandex.Money, electronics became the leader of purchases in the “cyber Monday”. The number of orders in this segment paid via Yandex.The cashier, grew up in Teresa compared with last year. The average purchase price amounted to 3.5 thousand rubles., an increase of 20% year-on-year. Also this year increased the number of orders paid online.