Sergei Ivanov on the work of Kadyrov, the ban on profession for the bankers and the millionaire officials

MOSCOW, January 26. The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov after the meeting of the presidential Council for countering corruption answered the journalists ‘ questions.

About the accusations against the President of the Russian Federation

Sergei Ivanov called the nonsense and the nonsense of Putin’s accusations of corruption on the part of the U.S. Treasury. “I’m on various high posts in government I am for a long time, the seventeenth year. I have said many times that claptrap and nonsense I will not comment on”, – he told journalists in response to a request to comment on the accusations against the President of the Russian Federation.

The Review Of The Kremlin

Press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov had earlier called a fiction and a libel accusations against Putin, is contained in a broadcast by the BBC film about the Russian leader. He also drew attention to the unsubstantiated allegations from the I. O. of the U.S. Treasury Adam Shubin in this story, stressing that it has all the signs of a directed campaign.

“If they (the U.S. Treasury) will leave such official statement without proof, then it casts a shadow on the reputation of the Agency,” – said the representative of the Kremlin. “Overall, we are accustomed to a journalistic “duck”, which are associated with incompetence and the pursuit of “yellowness” or are directed campaigns – said the representative of the Kremlin. In this case, of course, we involuntarily pay attention to the fact that the appearance of such material coincided with quasi-judicial exercise in some countries, publications in highly respected journals of similar content”. “It would be irresponsible journalistic exercise, if not an official review (the American officials),” – said Peskov.

Simultaneously, the Kremlin does not expect that this episode will worsen the already strained relations between Moscow and Washington. “To be honest, relations are now not in the best shape. In such a form that such a lie is unlikely their even more complicated,” stated Sands.

Back in may of last year in the presidential administration of the Russian Federation said that some Western media are preparing defamatory publications about the Russian leader. Peskov said that the Kremlin had received queries from “respected publications” the U.S. and the UK, who admitted that even do not intend to publish detailed explanations of the Kremlin.

Effective operation of Kadyrov

The head of the Kremlin administration reported that the activity of the head of the Chechen Republic “raises no issues”. On the eve of the forum of the popular front, Russian President Vladimir Putin also praised the results of Kadyrov, noting that “it works”.


A wide resonance in the Russian media and social networks called Kadyrov’s statement at the meeting with journalists in Grozny on 12 January, in which he accused the leaders of non-systemic opposition in Russia in the attempt to loosen a political situation in Russia. After this, the representatives of non-systemic opposition demanded the resignation of the head of Chechnya.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov urged to carefully read the statements Kadyrov. “No need to escalate, you just need to quietly read speaks for itself,” he said.

About allegations of corruption of the Russian Prosecutor General

Sergey Ivanov commented on accusations of corruption addressed to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, calling them unfounded.

“There is nothing there (in those statements against the Gulls – approx.), at least in my opinion, no facts, accusing the attorney General in violation of any laws, I have not found, he said. – Not worth a damn”.

“I’m so carefully, of course, did not read the content of these statements because, in my opinion, it’s more of a political statement than substantive”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration.

In this case, Ivanov said that the authorities are ready to listen to accusations that officials of corruption from the opposition, if the authors of the charges will operate with the facts.


Based blogger Alexey Navalny “Fund of struggle against corruption” on 1 December published on its website the investigation of the business of the sons of the public Prosecutor of the Seagull. As reported on the website of the FCO, one of the sons Seagulls supposedly speaks Greek hotel. In addition, the attorney General alleged sons are shareholders in two key companies of Russian Railways.

The attorney General called the accusations false and called customers this investigation the head of the British Fund “Hermitage Capital” bill Browder and its intelligence agencies. Russian court Browder was previously found guilty of tax crimes and sentenced in absentia to 9 years in prison.

On the legislative initiatives of the Duma opposition

Sergei Ivanov also called populism proposals to prohibit relatives of officials. “How and on what grounds to forbid the family member of a person to engage in legitimate activities?… In addition, there is such a thing as the Constitution of the Russian Federation. On what basis are we going to forbid (doing business relatives of officials)?” – said the head of the presidential administration.

The proposal of the LDPR and the Communist party

Deputies of fraction of LDPR led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky on January 12 introduced the state Duma a draft law prohibiting the conduct of business activity spouse and adult children of civil servants of the Russian Federation. The liberal Democrats proposed to amend the law “On combating corruption” and to add a new provision under which “spouses and adult children of persons holding state positions of the Russian Federation, may not engage in entrepreneurial activity and (or) participate in the management of the entity”. At the same time the head of the legal service of the CPRF, the Deputy Vadim Solovyov in the Duma introduced a bill prohibiting close relatives of officials to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

“Egregious cases of nobility becomes less”

The head of the presidential administration of Russia believes that the egregious facts of the haughty officials became less, and although they are completely gone. “According to the same Popular front, from regions such egregious cases of nobility still getting smaller, even though they are”, – stressed Ivanov.

He noted that the Russian popular front (onf) in this respect performs a very useful function and compared them with the “orderlies of the forest”. Ivanov stressed that high-level officials in the vast majority start to understand that they are under scrutiny, and all their actions are carefully monitored.

According to Sergey Ivanov, the need to take special measures for the protection of Complainants in cases of corruption yet. Ivanov explained that for these people it is possible to apply the measures provided by the General law on the protection of witnesses and those who report the crimes. “And if such a person asks specifically a statement about corruption, he should be protected also, as the applicant for other crimes”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration.

Banned for bankers

According to Sergey Ivanov, the Central Bank was in favour of a ban on the profession for bankers found guilty of financial crimes. The head of the Kremlin administration said that the ban for bankers-criminals to work again in this field “at least ten years” stems from the fact that some of them after the closing for breaches of one Bank immediately open the second.

“I strongly support the line of the Central Bank in clearing this sector, – stressed Ivanov. – I am convinced that not every institution on the pediment of which is written the word “Bank” is”. The head of the Kremlin administration noted that the introduction of such a ban need to pass a law that does not violate the constitutional rights of citizens and would allow the banking sector to improve health more effectively than now.