The EU will introduce pre-approval of contracts countries with “Gazprom”

Moscow. January 26. The European Commission will propose in February to establish a mechanism for prior approval of energy agreements signed by the governments of individual countries of the Union with States outside the EU, reports the Financial Times.

It is anticipated that to approve all intergovernmental contracts will be offered to a group of three to four officials that, according to the project document, “to improve the quality of functioning of the internal market and strengthen energy security in the EU”.

This step is part of efforts by Brussels to limit the influence of Gazprom, the newspaper said. The European Commission is concerned that Moscow uses its dominant position on the market, including in contracts for the supply of gas to the Eastern European countries does not correspond to the legislation of the points. At the same time, the initiative of Brussels, may cause opposition from major EU countries.

One of the reason for the objections of Brussels on the occasion concluded with “Gazprom” contracts is the inclusion of the item on banning the resale of gas. In the opinion of the European Commission, this limits the competition and segmenting the single market.

Now the country only inform Brussels about their agreements in the field of energy.

For the adoption of the new scheme will require approval by all EU countries and the European Parliament.

Poland called on the European Commission to strengthen monitoring of contracts that are “Gazprom” with private companies.