The Finance Ministry has opposed the subsidy of the initial payment on the mortgage

Moscow. January 26. The Finance Ministry opposes the government subsidy of the initial payment on a mortgage, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev reporters on Tuesday.

“Other things being equal, we would not support subsidies to attract contribution, because it will bring in a system with redundant risks. American subprimeaaaa died precisely because the people came who didn’t have to take out a mortgage, the household that is unable to start saving, it will not be able to pay the interest then, ” said Moses.

He also said that initial contributions are important from the point of view of stability of the banking system.

“Our one problem that is not well developed rental housing. This is one of the issues on which we are committed. Thursday will be the strategy Committee of the Board of Directors of seller and, I think, we will specifically discuss measures for the development of market rental housing”, – said the Deputy Minister.

On Monday the Deputy head of the Ministry Leonid Stavitskiy said that the Ministry is discussing with the government possible measures to support the mortgage government. In particular, one of the proposals Department to subsidize the initial payment for the loans. One of the options provides for a fee for borrower’s 10% in the government cover part of the risks.

Measures to support the mortgage under discussion in the government, need to replace the subsidy program mortgage rates which ends in March 2016. Moses on January 19 stated that the subsidy program rates not be extended, but considers other measures to support the mortgage market. In turn, the head of the Ministry of construction Mikhail Men on 21 January said that the Ministry will insist on the continuation of the program.