The head of the FCS urged the EU not to lose in terms of sanctions ties with Russia

Moscow. January 26. To keep the interaction between business representatives of Russia and Europe despite the EU sanctions called for during his visit to Brussels the head of the Federal customs service of Russia Andrei Belyaninov.

“It would be a pity to lose the tradition and developed over many years a very useful and mutually beneficial relations, so important in the framework of the existing political realities to find a mutually acceptable conditions for cooperation”, – said the Belyaninov, speaking Monday night at a seminar with the participation of representatives of business in the Benelux countries.

The event was organized in Brussels the Belgian-Luxembourg chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus. List of participants – more than 50 European companies.

Belyaninov assured the audience that Russia remained “open for European business”. He expressed the opinion that the cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Benelux business should continue to play a leading role.

The head of the FCS noted that under the current regime of EU sanctions against Russia voids in the commodity exchange, usually provided earlier by the EU, is now rapidly filled with Asian partners of the Russian Federation.

According to the head of service customs and excise under the Ministry of Finance Christian Vanderveen Belgium, the Belgians do not abandon cooperation with Russia in terms of sanctions.

“Russia is very important for Belgium,” said Belgian chief customs officer, noting that his country is the fifth largest in the European Union, the exporter of goods in the Russian Federation.