The Kremlin has offered to withdraw cases involved bribes of up to 10 thousand roubles in a separate criminal offence

The Kremlin has offered to withdraw cases involved bribes of up to 10 thousand roubles in a separate criminal offence

MOSCOW, January 26. The Kremlin has offered to withdraw cases involved bribes in small amounts in specific crime, so as not to inflate the statistics of fighting corruption. This was stated on Tuesday the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov at a meeting of the Council for countering corruption.

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“It is proposed to consider the introduction of a separate offence, which establishes liability for giving or receiving a bribe in the amount of 10 thousand rubles”, – he said. “As punishment for such offences is possible to set the fines or enforcement work, and the investigation of such crimes to the inquiry for the determination of the jurisdiction of justices of the peace”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration.

Ivanov explained that, according to statistics, in most cases, sentencing in cases of bribe we are talking about amounts less than 10 thousand rubles. “Statistics is inflated thus create a semblance of active fight against corruption at very small cases of bribery”, he said.

Mechanisms for recovery

Ivanov called for the establishment of mechanisms for recovery of property of officials if its validity is not proven.

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“Second – generation measures to ensure the inevitability of responsibility of property of corrupt officials, said Ivanov at the meeting of the Council on the fight against corruption. – Obviously, we need to create civil-legal enforcement mechanisms questionable property when it is identify during the investigation of criminal cases of corruption”.

Ivanov explained that it is on such property in respect of which there is doubt as to the legality of its acquisition with the inclusion of revenue officials. Therefore, in the case of, “if it is determined significant difference between income and expenditure in the period that a person is a civil servant, his dismissal cannot serve as an obstacle to going to court with claims about compensation of harm”.

“I propose that the Prosecutor General’s office, justice Ministry and Rosfinmonitoring, with the participation of the presidential Administration to intensify contacts with foreign colleagues and establishment, the arrest and return of property of corrupt officials under existing international agreements”, – said Ivanov. According to him, this includes the question of reparation on the territory of Russia. “There’s nothing to boast about, the results are very modest: of the 15 billion returned to the Treasury no more than half a billion rubles”, – stated the head of the presidential administration.

To boost the struggle against “kickbacks”

Ivanov believes that the struggle against “kickbacks” in the field of public procurement should be accelerated.

“The struggle continues and with such shameful phenomenon as “kickbacks” when municipal and state procurement. Achieve here and I should say still very modest, so the work of the competent authorities is necessary to force”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration.

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In General, Ivanov discussed the situation in the fight against corruption, conflict of interest among officials, etc. According to him, in the government structure at all levels of government were formed anti-corruption unit, which in the first three quarters of last year revealed more than 20 thousand different violations, then 340 civil servants were dismissed for loss of confidence, another 176 in connection with the conflict of interest. As an example, Ivanov led the Deputy Governor of Chelyabinsk region Nikolai Sandakov, zamglavy of the government of the Yaroslavl region Rostislav Danilenko, etc.

“The civil servants received more than 5,5 thousand notifications about attempts to persuade them to corruption or bribery. According to the facts police initiated 2 criminal cases and 862 have already been convicted of 1.7 thousand people”, – said Ivanov. Also, according to him, 1.7 thousand officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility, and 800 criminal cases were initiated on the basis of citizens ‘ appeals.

The head of the Kremlin administration has reminded and start the procedure of applying to the state property following the results of control over expenses of officials. “Now the courts considered claims in the amount of 122 million rubles”, – said Ivanov. He reported and other changes in legislation – in particular, the expansion of the list of persons who are prohibited from having foreign accounts, the obligation to disclose information about the property on first admission to the civil service, and the possibility of deprivation of mandates of regional and local deputies, found in violation of anti-corruption prohibitions.

“Not less important legislative innovation is a measure to prevent conflict of interest, which applies equally to all officers without exception,” said Ivanov, adding that all civil servants prohibits the exercise of commercial activities.

The plan for the fight against corruption

The objectives of the national plan for combating corruption for 2014-15 biennium in General is solved, according to the plan for 2016-17 biennium work is continuing, said the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

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“Can objectively say that the objectives set in the national plan (combating corruption) 2014-2015 General agreement, Ivanov said at the meeting. – With regard to separate orders, the deadline of which is extended to 2016, then work on them continues.”

He explained that it is about the preparation of the rules of joint inspections of business Supervisory bodies in the framework of a unified register of checks. In addition, in the near future in the civil service will be introduced software products for automated filling and handling of information on incomes and expenditures of officials. Also regulated the issues related to foreign financial instruments, provided the processing of local acts for the prevention of corruption in organizations subordinate to Federal authorities.

The head of the presidential administration noted that Russia is cooperating actively in the fight against corruption within the framework of international formats. In particular, he recalled the successful holding in St. Petersburg in November 2015 to the conference of the States parties to the UN Convention on combating corruption.

“Gaps in legislation”

The head of the Kremlin administration proposed to consider the question of bringing to responsibility for corruption through “third parties”, which is not formally associated with officials, but act according to their instructions.

“I think it necessary to consider prosecution in cases where the bribe is given for committing an official action in favor of third parties, and not the briber and the bribe is not given directly to an officer, and the third party,” – said Ivanov.

“There are cases of evasion from criminal liability by transferring bribes to third parties not formally associated with the bribetaker or Vice versa, when the abuse of power takes place in favor of persons, formally not related to the person giving a bribe”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration, noting that this problem is faced by other countries. “When a potential bribetaker said, “I need nothing, nothing he may take”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration. “And “he” to an officer formally has no relation”, – said Ivanov.

“There is, in my opinion, gaps in the legislation, not only in our country,” he said.

“Is impossible without civil society”

Ivanov called on ordinary citizens to join in the fight against corruption.

“Effective fight against corruption is impossible without civil society, not a priori, therefore, the task of authorities at all levels not just listen to information of concerned citizens, but also to actively involve in anti-corruption actions Patriotic, and constructive activists,” – said Ivanov at a meeting of the Council for countering corruption.

According to high-ranking Kremlin source, “the waste often goes hand in hand with corruption.” “Therefore, the activities of civil society is very important,” said Ivanov. For example, he cited the work of the popular front for the identification of the facts of misuse of funds.