The Ministry of energy: coal production in Russia in 2016 is planned at the level of last year

KEMEROVO, January 26. /Corr. Olga Bychkova/. Coal extraction in Russia in 2016 is expected to 2015, when it produced 373 million tons against 358,2 million tons a year earlier. On Tuesday told journalists in Kemerovo, Deputy energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky.

“This year will be the same level of production reached in 2015. We don’t think we will be substantially lower export coal and in the Eastern and in the Western direction,” he said.

According to Yanovsky, the plans have been formulated taking into account the “trends related to increased competition in world markets”. “They (trends) will continue. It concerns the place of coal in the energy balance, and relates to competition between producer countries for a share in the relevant markets,” added the Deputy Minister.

As noted by the Deputy head of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation, is not currently planned revision of the program of development of coal industry, which adopted until 2030. “Any strategic document it is impossible to review every year,” explained Janowski. In this case, he added, the end of 2015, like the previous year, from the point of view of production and exports “exceed what has been written and approved”.