The senators called the accusations against Putin’s political campaign against Russia

MOSCOW, January 26. The members of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs called the accusations in the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced in the documentary film of BBC “the Secret of wealth Putin”, a political action aimed against Russia as the main geopolitical rival of the USA.

“This is purely political action”, – told reporters the head of the Committee Konstantin Kosachev.

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“Actions directed against the President of the Russian Federation, and, of course, in his face – against Russia as the main geopolitical rival of the USA,” he said. The purpose of these attacks, according to the Senator, is the U.S. strategy aims “to prevent any rivalry, to remain the sole leader in the world by any means: white or black, good or bad.” Kosachev also said that “Russia in this sense is not the first country”. “And, I suspect, not the last”, he added.

The charges he called “baseless” and unsubstantiated. “These charges seriously can be taken into account and, moreover, to understand on the legal level. They must be rejected because of the lack of evidence base”, concluded Kosachev.

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov said that “the Americans can say anything” and that “this, as a rule, there is no reason”, and cited the example of the U.S. statements about the presence in Iraq of chemical weapons, “which no one still has not found”, making Tehran a nuclear bomb, promises “Paradise on earth”, “if you fall of the Qadhafi regime”. He also drew attention that the charges against Putin sounded almost simultaneously with the statements that allegedly 10 years ago the Russian citizens in the UK poisoned former Russian intelligence officer.

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According to Klimov, “American journalists live in trend”. “This trend is set by the U.S. Department of state, foreign and Commonwealth office, some bureaucrats in Brussels. And this is not the first publication of this kind,” said the Senator.

He also believes that “making such statements, the representatives, as they claim, democratic country in which the main principle is the rule of law, violates one of its most important tenets is the presumption of innocence”. “A person is considered innocent in a legal state unless otherwise proven by the court in an open adversarial process between the prosecution and the defence,” he said.