The state Duma will consider the right of PMC to shoot in places of forced content

The state Duma will consider the right of PMC to shoot in places of forced content

In order to improve the effectiveness of the control proposed, in particular, to expand the list of places that have the right to visit members of the public Supervisory commissions to promote there parties.

MOSCOW, 26 Jan. The state Duma in the first reading will consider a government bill, which entitles members of the public monitoring commissions (PMCS) to conduct photo and video shooting in order to commit violations of the rights of suspects and accused persons in places of detention.

The document stipulates that in the case of discussion by the PMC members issues not related to ensuring the rights of suspects and accused in detention, or violations of the internal regulations of the conversation is immediately interrupted.

The provisions of the bill involve the vesting of PMC members right when you visit places of detention to use the devices to monitor the microenvironment in residential and industrial premises.

“In order to improve the effectiveness of social control expands the list of places of detention, are entitled to attend the PMC members to assist therein persons”, — stated in the explanatory note to the document.

The draft also amends the procedure for forming the Supervisory committees. Public observers will not be able to become representatives of the organizations — “foreign agents”, people with unexpunged or outstanding conviction and close relatives of prisoners.

However it is established that the decision of Council of Public chamber of the Russian Federation may be one of the grounds for terminating the powers of public monitoring Commission in breach of the legislation of the Russian Federation when visiting places of detention.

The profile Committee of the state Duma on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations recommended the adoption of the bill in the first reading, with some comments. In particular, in the opinion of the Committee it was noted that you have not defined the criteria by which the colloquy of PMC members with suspects or the accused will immediately be interrupted. In addition, do not explain why close relatives of the persons of the prisoners may not be members of the PMCS, while in most cases such people are more active and motivated to ensure the situation in places of detention was stable and not deteriorated, said the Committee.

The head of Committee Yaroslav Nilov has suggested to create working group to finalize the document.