Ukraine begins to produce pilotless

Moscow. January 26. Ukrainian enterprises of the state Corporation “Ukroboronprom” intends to start production of shock unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for Armed forces, and in the future and for export, the NSDC Secretary said Oleksandr Turchynov.

“Demand in our Armed forces is on combat drones, and tell you a secret: we conducted with the “Ukroboroneksport” meeting and start the production of Antonov ASTC “Antonov”, – said Turchinov on Tuesday to journalists on Tuesday.

According to him, reconnaissance and strike UAV will be able to significantly improve the defense capabilities of Ukraine, as well as become competitive in foreign markets.

“Because today we have, unfortunately, the real problem is that we are limited in obtaining samples of combat UAVs. And here continues, I believe, is an unreasonable restriction of our country for military-technical cooperation in parts of lethal weapons,” – said Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine.