In Russia will waive a single fee for electricity for individuals

Moscow. January 27. The new procedure of payment for electricity for the population will be rescheduled for 2017, the government has also decided to abandon a single fixed monthly fee for electricity, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

“A few years ago, we began in several regions of the experiment on the introduction of a new calculation procedure for electricity depending on consumption. We planned to enter everywhere practice from 1 July 2016. A week ago I called a meeting with the participation of party colleagues and Ministers, where the issue of electricity supply for the people was discussed. In the end, I decided to postpone the introduction of new procedure of settlements for 2017”, – said Medvedev at the forum of primary organizations of “United Russia” in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In addition, he said, decided “to abandon the introduction of a single fixed monthly fee”. Medvedev believes it is right to give the regions more powers in this area, so they can determine the timing of the introduction, and the order of the calculation.

“I think that it is necessary and reasonable, to do it is at the regional level, rather than commanding the whole of the capital,” he said.

Medvedev assured that the government is “very carefully” comes to the regulation of tariffs for housing and communal services and electricity.