In Tokyo began construction of the first station for trains on a magnetic cushion

TOKYO, January 27. /Corr. Kirill Agafonov/. In the Japanese capital began to build the first station of the branch of magnetic levitation trains (Maglev) stretching over 280 km, which in 2027 will connect Tokyo and Nagoya.

The construction of the station takes place in extremely difficult conditions – its construction is within the current major transport hub “Shinagawa” at a depth of 40 meters under the ground. The length of the platform will be more than 450 meters. Meanwhile, the construction of stations in Nagoya have not yet begun, and yet on this issue there is no agreement, however, in company JR Tokai promise to speed up the reconciliation process.

At the end of last year in Central Yamanashi Prefecture, in the territory of which will run first in Japan, a branch of the Maglev from Tokyo to Nagoya, began construction of its most difficult area – 25 km-long tunnel under the so-called Japanese Alps. Due to the complex topography and design features of the construction of the tunnel will continue until 2025. One of his sites will be at a depth of 1.4 km.

Working on the creation of a train on a magnetic cushion began in Japan in the 70-ies of the last century, however, these technologies for a long time no use. In 2011 the Japanese government approved a plan for the construction of the first commercial line of such trains with a length of 286 km between Tokyo and Nagoya. The project cost is estimated at 5.5 trillion yen ($45,8 billion). The construction will involve about 15 thousand people. By 2045 this branch is planned to be extended to the third largest city of Japan – Osaka.

Currently the Japanese Maglev is being tested in Yamanashi Prefecture. This summer he reached a speed of 603 km / h and was recognized as the fastest train in the world. The average speed on the section between Tokyo and Nagoya can be about 500 km per hour, which will allow you to make the journey in 40 minutes. The duration of this same trip on high-speed trains “Shinkansen” is now one hour and 18 minutes.