Inflation in Russia in annual terms fell to almost 10%

Moscow. January 27. Inflation in Russia from 19 to 25 January 2016 amounted to 0.2%, said Wednesday Rosstat. In annual terms, growth in consumer prices fell to almost 10%

Prices rise 0.2% for a second consecutive week, 1 and 11 January, prices rose by 0.3% (due to the holidays, the time interval was more than a week).

YTD price increase by 25 January amounted to 0.7%.

To compare with weekly data of Rosstat for January 2015 are not directly incorrect, since in January 2015 totals for the month much sold out with weekly estimates of the Rosstat (weekly monitoring was that inflation in January 2015 was supposed to be 2.7%, and as a result the price increase then amounted to 3.9%).

Therefore, annual inflation is best calculated based on the average daily price growth. The average increase in prices in 25 days of January 2016 amounted to 0.028%, which practically corresponds to the data for December of 2015 (0,025%) and more than 4 times lower than in January 2015 (0,122%).

On the basis of average daily data, inflation in 25 days of January 2015 can be estimated at about 3,1-3,2%. This means that in annual terms inflation by 25 January had dropped to about 10,2-10,3% from 12.9% at the end of December.

If the average daily price growth in January will be at the current level, inflation for the month will be in the region of 0.9%, which will mean that annual inflation will be reduced to a single value – about 9.6-9.7 per cent at the end of January.