“Kaspersky lab”: every sixth company in Russia in 2015 has undergone DDoS-attack

MOSCOW, January 27. Every sixth Russian company in 2015, had been subjected to a DDoS attack, said the expert of “Kaspersky Lab” jury of Stewards during the presentation, the company’s research.

“17% of companies in Russia in 2015, faced with DDoS attacks, in 2014 it was 18 per cent,” he said.

“During the year we recorded about 120 thousand attacks suffered by about 68 thousand resources in 96 countries”, – said the expert.

According to the survey, cyber criminals in Russia often attacked the company’s medium and large businesses. So, in 2015, 20% of large corporations have been subjected to DDoS attacks, and in the sphere of small and medium businesses the figure was 17%. Small companies employing up to 25 people were attacked less often (12%).

The main purpose of the attack was a disabling official website of the company (55% of attacks). 34% of attacks were focused on communications services ( primarily email), and in 23% of cases affected zone to enter clients in the system. On file servers was targeted 18% of DDoS attacks, 12% for services for financial transactions.

Overall, Russian websites is fifth in the world in frequency of attacks on them. In the first place in this list are Chinese sites, which account for 41% of the world’s DDoS attacks. The second place occupy the USA, third place – Korea, the fourth is Canada. In this case, most attacks will organize Chinese and Russian hackers.

The “Internet of things” in the future will increasingly be used for cybercrime, says analyst “Kaspersky Lab”. He stressed that the routers, intelligent toys, surveillance cameras, and also the whole system of “smart house” that run under the Linux operating system, has been attacked much less frequently than Windows devices.

“DDoS attack now – it is a practical tool in the process of making more complex and large-scale attacks. Also you can share online threats, although they never disappeared,” – said the expert of the “K” of the MIA of Russia Alexander Vurasko. A DDoS attack on the website of “mail of Russia” in December 2015, according to the expert, is “one step away from attacks on critical information resources of the state.” To fight cyber crime is necessary to establish an effective partnership between the state, business and society, said Murasko.

DDoS attack means of hackers, which lead to partial or complete disabling of services, or to difficulty of access to these services.