Lavrov took part in the opening ceremony of the new complex of the Embassy of Russia in Ashgabat

ASHGABAT, January 27. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov began a two-day working visit to Turkmenistan with the opening ceremony of the new complex of the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat.

Gala evening in the main building of the diplomatic mission began with a performance by local school pupils the national anthem of the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan. In the ceremony, in addition to Lavrov, attended his Turkmen colleague Rashid Meredov and Russian Ambassador Alexander Blokhin.

“Dear friends, we are attending a significant event. We visited the Embassy complex. In my opinion, it creates all conditions in order to work well, to recover, to raise children, to do sports. Very nice, what a wonderful Ashgabat enlarged architectural structure, for which there is no shame and that really adjusts to new achievements”, – said Lavrov.

“I think that another important aspect of what is happening is that this complex becomes a symbol of the long-term nature of strategic relations between Russia and Turkmenistan, our strategic partnership. The long-term nature of this relationship is enshrined in the fundamental documents that were signed by our leaders at a meeting in November last year in Tehran,” added Lavrov.

According to the head of the foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan, the new building “represents the greatness of Russia”.

The new complex of the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat is on the street Kipchak on-site Ambassador town where you moved the diplomats of many countries. All complexes of buildings of diplomatic missions is built of white marble and decorated in the traditional style of the capital of Turkmenistan.

As noted in the Russian Embassy, the new building provides everything for the active work or active holiday: there are two swimming pools – for adults and children, tennis court, Billiards, sauna and bar.

Official program of the visit of the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan begins on January 28.