Matvienko urged to stop divination “thicker oil”

Matvienko urged to stop divination “thicker oil”

The volatility forecasts from authorities becomes reality volatility of the ruble, said Valentina Matvienko, the first spring session of the Federation Council meeting.

MOSCOW, 27 APR –. You need to stop divination “thick oil” and move towards a new model of economy, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko at the first spring session in the meeting chamber.

“I think that all authorities should stop public guessing on an oil thick. And the volatility of the forecasts we have already worse in the volatility of the ruble. And start concrete action together with the expert community on the development of proposals for transition to the new model of economy”, — said the Senator.

She stressed that all problems should be taken without panic, in an operating mode and be active. “The accumulated reserves in the economy, the anti-crisis measures helped to form the basis for maintaining economic and social stability in the country. But it is essential to take the next step — using the opportunities that transition to a new model of economic development”, — said the speaker of the Federation Council.

Matvienko noted that, most likely, during this session, will have to reconsider the parameters of the Federal budget this year, which has been drawn up based on oil prices of 50 dollars per barrel.

“I believe that the adjustment of the main financial document must not be of an emergency nature. I ask the relevant Committee on budget and financial markets in the near future to begin consultations with the government regarding possible directions and amount of reduction of budget expenditures”, — said the head of the Federation Council. In her view, the center of attention of senators should remain the state of regional budgets.

Matviyenko said that in the current economic situation it is essential to ensure the fulfilment of social obligations of the state. “We have scheduled most of the legislative work in this direction,” she said.