Media: market participants propose to raise the minimum price of vodka up to 230 roubles/0,5 l.

MOSCOW, January 27. The working group on enhancing the effectiveness of regulation and competition in the alcohol market at the meeting on Thursday with Deputy Minister of economic development Oleg Fomichev will discuss a possible increase in the minimum retail price (MRP) for vodka, which is now 185 rubles per 0.5 l bottle, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing its own sources.

This year, according to market participants, to avoid the dominance of counterfeit products in retail chains vodka should not cost less than 230 rubles, given the costs of production and logistics, as well as the minimum earnings of the plant and mark-up retail.

Since February 1 last year, Rosalkogolregulirovanie (PAP) reduced the price for vodka from 220 to 185 rubles. current rubles for 0.5 L. the Decision came as a surprise to market participants, since the excise duty on spirits remains the same as in 2014: 500 rubles per liter of absolute alcohol.

About that vodka MRC can be re-promoted, in October last year, said the head RAR Igor Chuyan.

The business community with his version of the MRC have already decided: in his opinion, under the current circumstances it should be 230 rubles for 0.5 L. These figures the newspaper was named “the Synergy” (vodka “Belenkaya”, Beluga) and Alcoholic Siberian group (ASG; “Five lakes”, “Vest”) – both companies are members of the Union of alcohol producers, whose representatives participate in the working group meeting. According to the calculations of the LRA, this price consists of the cost of a bottle of vodka at 35 rubles., excise duty – 100 roubles, the income of the manufacturer – 5 rubles., VAT – 25 rubles, logistics costs 5 rbl. and minimum retail margins – 60 rubles.

The Federal Antimonopoly service calculations manufacturers supports. One of the measures of struggle against illegal alcohol market could be the separation of minimum retail prices, depending on the strength of the drinks, according to the FAS. On tinctures from 34 to 38 degrees with a reduced excise duty is proposed to install MRC 150 rbl. for 0,5 l, vodka and other beverages from 38 to 56 degrees – to pick up from 185 to 240 rubles. while maintaining the current excise tax.