Media: the U.S. national debt has grown under Barack Obama more than $70 thousand per family

WASHINGTON, January 27. /Corr. Andrew Shitov/. For seven years, under Democrat-President Barack Obama the U.S. national debt has increased $8.3 trillion and reached at $18.9 trillion. News service CNS news reports said on Tuesday, citing the latest data of the Ministry of Finance of the United States. She said that in terms of each household in the country (i.e., the family) the debt burden has increased by more than $70 thousand.

For comparison, in the publication indicated that for the full eight years of the presidency of Republican George W. Bush the corresponding figures in the USA rose by $4.9 trillion and $44 thousand.

But current astronomical level of debt the USA is not the limit. On Monday, the Budget office of the U.S. Congress published a new forecast, according to which in the next ten years the debt of the American Federal government can achieve $30 trillion. Analysts attributed this to the aging of the population, the decisions of the legislators on additional budgetary expenses and reduction of some taxes, the consequences of health program “Obamaker”. In particular, the budget deal reached by the White house and Congress at the end of last year, added nearly $750 billion to projected budget deficits over the next decade.

Budget office of the Congress expects in the U.S. in the current year economic growth of 2.5%, and in the future by 2.6%. These numbers are good, given that the total size of the U.S. GDP is estimated at us $17.9 trillion. However, as recalled by the newspaper the Washington Times, “a disproportionately high share of economic profits will continue to get rich, but it will increase the revenues from income taxes, but will limit the payments of payroll taxes”. As a result, according to the newspaper, “even greater pressure on social programs that swell and deficits” of the Federal budget of the USA.