Oil prices changed multidirectional

Oil prices changed multidirectional

Yesterday, oil prices grew by 5-6% after the statements of the company Saudi Aramco that high-cost producers by the end of the year will leave the oil market, but after the news about the growth of oil production in the U.S., they fell again.

MOSCOW, 27 Jan. Oil prices in the auction environment show a mixed trend after a sharp rise the previous day, on the background data of the American petroleum Institute (API) and data in anticipation of the U.S. Department of energy weekly oil reserves in the country, according to AFP.

The survey

What will happen to oil prices in 2016?

  • Will collapse to $ 20 per barrel
  • Will remain at around 30-35 dollars
  • Edge up to 45-50 dollars
  • Soar to 90-100 dollars

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