RBS will receive a loss for the year due to an unexpected write-off of $5.2 billion

Moscow. January 27.Royal Bank of Scotland, 73% owned by the UK government, predicts a loss by the end of 2015 after an unexpected write-off the cost of assets by 3.6 billion pounds ($5.2 billion) due to the different payout in the fourth quarter.

RBS shares fell 2.5% during trading in London on Wednesday.

As stated in the RBS, in the fourth quarter, the Bank deducted $2.2 billion in connection with the proceedings on the mortgage securities in the United States. In addition, the Bank needs to cover the pension Fund deficit, which will reduce the value of assets to 1.6 billion pounds. Another 500 million pounds will be spent on payments to customers in the UK who have been falsely imposed on credit insurance.

RBS will also write off £ 498 million due to the impairment of goodwill in the service Department by wealthy individuals.

In the first quarter of RBS will contribute £ 4.2 bn to the pension program, thereby speeding up the payments that otherwise would have stretched to the end of 2023. Solution due to changes in accounting rules. The program consists of 220 thousand participants, it was closed to new employees about 10 years ago.

With the beginning of the year capitalisation of RBS has fallen by 17%.