Spravorossy will ask the Russian President to send in resignation of the Minister of education

MOSCOW, January 27. The deputies of the faction “Fair Russia” intend Wednesday to appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the request to send in resignation the head of the Ministry of education and science Dmitry Livanov. This was announced to journalists before the beginning of plenary session the leader of just Russia Sergei Mironov.

“Our faction will add to the vote a draft resolution on the recognition of the work of the Minister Livanov unsatisfactory and an appeal to the Russian President to send in the resignation of Mr. Livanov in connection with loss of trust” – said Mironov.

According to him, the Minister of education guilty of “collapse” of the education system, as evidenced by the low results of Russian schoolchildren in international competitions. In addition, Mironov pointed out the miscalculations of the head of the Ministry of education in reforming the higher education system. Mironov also touched on the shortcomings of the school system.

“From school almost left education, on the one hand, we are talking about the need to raise a patriot, but on the other hand, there’s no Director on extracurricular work, virtually no teachers allowances and additional payments for classroom and educational work, and this is when we see that our children recruited by ISIL (the former name is forbidden in the Russian Federation the terrorist organization “Islamic state”) and the Ministry of education does nothing,” – concluded Mironov.